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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tiffany & Wiley :: Aftershoot!

So a lot has happened since my last blog post...A LOT! The biggest of which, is that we have moved back to CALIFORNIA! Andrew landed a great job, so we were finally able to get back to Orange County, something that we've been working on since the wedding over a year ago! We actually moved ourselves (and dogs), with the help of some awesome friends! So happy to be back and see old friends and family...looking forward to a lot more of that to come!

Anywhoo, I digress....because this isn't about me....it's about Tiffany and Wiley! They are my superstar clients, and the first to book an "aftershoot." Now normally this would have been right after the wedding, even the day after...but they left immediately after the wedding for a kick-ass honeymoon, and of course, Wiley's many coaching obligations also slowed the process a bit...but we were finally able to get together, the weekend before we moved, at Goar Park in Dallas. And I must say...it was amazing! I highly recommend this for everybody...its much more relaxing, you're not pressured by the time constraints of the actual wedding day, and of course, it gives the bride another opportunity to don the dream dress again! So enjoy!!