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Friday, July 30, 2010

Furry Friday?

Cheesy blog title....Guilty!! But how can your resist saying "awwww!" when you feast your ojo's on these little guys! Go on, try....see, resistance is futile! (nerd alert!)

Many of you know Jack and Sophie already. They are rescue dogs that came to us by way of Tassie's Hope and Petfinder.com. Jack was first, then 2 yrs later, we decided, on most days to his chagrin, that he needed a buddy/friend/playmate. So we adopted Sophie. And I may have slightly overlooked the fact that she was only 1.5yrs old at the time, still a puppy pretty much. I was too blinded by her cuteness, can you blame me?

In April, we moved back to Orange County, and our rental condo has a skylight. Every afternoon, these two follow the block of sun that slowly moves across the living room...ah, the life! Andrew and I often say that when we come back in the afterlife, we want to be one of our dogs....