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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Erica & Mike :: Engagement in Sacramento

The beginning of every love story has 2 sides...this one actually has 3!  Hers, his, and mine! So when Mike, a lifelong friend of Andrew's, told us he kept running into a girl walking her dog (see below, Bubba, the cute Frenchie!) while out walking his dog, I immediately jumped into match-maker mode!  They had already exchanged numbers, but I suggested perhaps the gesture of bringing a steaming thermos of hot cocoa to enjoy on their morning dog walk might be just the ticket to asking her on that first date...and here we are...now merely a few months away from their wedding!!  But, let's here what THEY have to say in their own words:

On how they met:
She says:  We met on a run of the mill dog walk early one morning when I had quite literally just rolled out of bed. I was wearing my PJ Pants and a tee-shirt along with a fabulous display of bed head. In true bully fashion, Bubba Jack ran right up to Duke and tried to establish his dominance from a good 12-inches below Duke's eye level. After a round of apologies and untangling of leashes, Mike caught me off guard with a request for my digits. Turns out it was a good day to take a chance on a cute stranger. ;)  
He says:  We lived down the street from each other and walked the same 6:30 am dog walk route.  Usually neither of us were dressed to impress and often under caffeinated.  After her 22 lb. dog tried to boss my 70 lb dog around AGAIN, we struck up a conversation and I asked for her number.

On "the one:"
She says:  The sassy answer is... When he told me that he played hockey. ;)  The honest answer is... I don't remember any big light bulb or "aha" moments. It just sort of occurred to me one day as we were lounging around that he was more than just good company. 
He says:  Sorta knew when we started talking on the phone.  Before she knew I played hockey, she said "I don't really watch sports, except hockey.".  Then, when I picked her up at her place on our first date and she had The Cure's "Desegregation" album on 12 vinyl laying on the coffee table, I had a hunch she was "the one". 

The Proposal:
She says:  On Christmas morning we started to unwrap our gifts and after receiving a toaster, coffee maker and Snuggie I had come to terms with having a utilitarian holiday experience. In the spirit of celebration, I decided to use my gifts and wrapped up in my cloud print Snuggie for a little couch lounging. After a quick departure from the room, I was informed that there was one more gift. I inspected under the tree with some confusion as there were no boxes remaining. When I settled back on the couch he started acting a little odd and then reached behind his back... About that time my brain sort of turned into white noise and internal dialog of "what is he doing"... "is that a ring...". I have no real memory of what was said, but distinctly recall that he was sheet white and very nervous. 
He says:  Santa brought the jewelery, he left it to me to pop the question. 

We can't wait for your October wedding aboard the Sacramento Hornblower!